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Deceitful Strength

Hybrid Pro Grips

Hybrid Pro Grips

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hy·brid the combination of two or more components to produce a combined effect greater than their individual effect.

The next level in Crossfit grip technology is here! HYBRID PRO are premium grips made of a multi-layer material that fuses reinforced diamond rubber on the outside for maximum grip and durability, with a soft moisture-wicking material on the inside that keeps the hands rip-free. The result is a handgrip that helps you stick to the bar longer and protects your hands better than any other grip out there! 

What sets these apart from the rest of the pack? Other grips are made of leather, carbon, or Kevlar which provide a durable layer between your hands and the bar. While they help stick, these materials are very abrasive to the skin and still result in severe blisters and rips. Our hybrid bi-layer material, with its sticky durable outer shell and soft inner lining, keeps you on the bar longer while protecting your hands better than any other grip on the market.


  • An original Deceitful Strength material design
  • External anti-slip diamond rubber
  • Internal soft, moisture-wicking material
  • No holes for fast transitions 
  • False grip protection
  • Comfortable wrist wrap
  • Great for “hang/dowel” effect
  • No chalk required
  • 2mm thickness


Umsagnir erlendra viðskiptavina:

“Great grips. As good or better than the element 26 grips. Seems to be better put together too. I am big guy and have broken/ripped a lot of grips doing muscle ups. These grips held up the first time on muscle ups. I hope they last longer than my other grips.”


“love these grips- i’ve tried other top/popular brands and these are superior. No more ripped hands!“


“The Hybrid Pro Grips are the best that I've used. Not only do they keep me on the bar longer, it's almost like they give me more strength. Some may say Deceitful Strength!

Best protection, non-slip, and give great protection for your hands. 10/10”


“These grips are phenomenal. I have three other pairs of grips that I have been using, and they all have their faults. They get too slippery when sweaty, they fall apart with aggressive use, or they just don't provide enough protection from rips/tears. These hybrid pro grips from deceitful strength are perfect, they have instantly become my favorite and they have none of the flaws of the competitors. They are tough, grippy, and sleek. No complaints, 10/10 would buy again.“

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